About Us

Complete Wellness

At Won Wellness Clinic we believe in creating a journey of holistic, vitalistic health care. We aim to empower you in having knowledge of your health and therefore have the opportunity to invest yourself in your journey of wellness.


The changes we aim for, are for you to journey from problems, powerlessness, and physical or mental “pain” to having resolutions, rational knowledge and relief.


Lifestyle changes, nutritional changes, emotional and physical awareness, together with functional adjunctive investigations and complementary therapies as needed, will aide your recovery, with courage, clarity and conviction.


Integrative Health Care is a model of health care which provides a focus on individual patient care, combining western/orthodox medicine (primary health care medical practice) and interventions with evidence-based complementary/integrative therapies, as well as personalised lifestyle recommendations, for the best outcome and prevention of disease.


Dr Jane calls this “Comprehensive Medicine”.


Comprehensive medicine involves both the practitioner and the patient. The focus is on the whole person. This is achieved by using evidence based science and therapies, and involves both medical, allied and natural therapeutic health care professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health.


The practitioner-patient relationship is one of engagement and empowerment, involving the “holism” of the patient, which includes their physical-spiritual-emotional-mental-social wellbeing.


Why Won Wellness?


Our Integrative Health Care Practice will make a difference to you. Encompassing your health care as a “whole person” will encourage and empower you. The practice will combine for you, a personalised medicine approach which will implement conventional orthodox methods of medicine alongside innovative screening and functional pathology tests, methods and technologies alongside lifestyle and nutritional advice.


Integrative Health Care focuses on both treatment of health issues/alleviating symptoms of dis-ease, and also on finding the cause and treating it.

This results in empowered patients, educated and therapeutically improved outcomes. Fewer visits to the doctor. Improved overall health and sense of wellbeing.


At Won Wellness we want you to Win!

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