dr jane chapman

Dr Jane Chapman graduated from the University of Tasmania in 1989. She studied various specialities in her hospital placements before opening up her own General Practice in Hobart, initially using orthodox medicine primarily. After a few years, she began her education in Integrative and Functional medicine with ACNEM [Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine].


In 2013 annually and inclusive of 2019, Dr Chapman continues to attend the training course in the biomedical treatment of mental health disorders, behavioural disorders in children, autism, women’s health, dementia and Parkinson’s disorder. Supported by Biobalance Health [www.biobalance.com.au] the study and treatment options of this training provides Dr Jane with the ability to personalise investigations and treatment programs.


Treatment often involves the use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes to combat specific deficiencies and biochemical problems such as methylation issues, pyrrole levels, and copper/zinc imbalances.


Dr Jane continues to further her GP training by attending mainstream conferences and Integrative Health Care conferences, as well as actively participating in teaching in this area of biobalance medicine.

She frequently attends naturopathic seminars and courses covering health. Issues such as:


·       Mental Health of Adults and Children

·       Behavioural Disorders of children/ADHD

·       Nutritional Medicine

·       Digestive Disorders

·       Women’s Health including fertility issues

·       Pregnancy Care         

·       Thyroid Disorders and Adrenal health

·       Bio-identical hormone treatments for Teenagers,                                    Infertility/Fertility, Peri-menopause and Menopause

·       Chronic disease management

·       Stress management

·       DNA and epigenetic

·       Functional pathology

·       Toxicity




Dr Chapman enjoys providing Integrative HealthCare to her patients, that is based on each patient’s unique biochemistry. The gut is often a focus of her treatment approach, as is adrenal and thyroid health, and hormone imbalances/rebalancing.

Dr Chapman endeavours to educate and empower her patients, and involve them in all of the decisions surrounding their treatments. She uses a blend of complementary medicines/supplements, nutrients, bio-identical hormones, and pharmaceuticals where needed.


Often treatment involves dietary changes and significant effort on the part of the patient. Dr Chapman advises re various dietary modalities, personalised for each individual, and works in conjunction with naturopaths, nutritionists or dieticians as needed. She is there to guide you on the journey and  is passionately committed to the vitalistic and holistic approach to your health.


“Receding to the cause rather than proceeding to the treatment “ enables the patient to achieve a greater prospect of achieving Wellness and Ease, rather than continuing with “Dis-ease”.


“My approach to my patients wellbeing is to reverse the process of degeneration, decrease toxicity, and to encourage function in the body rather than dysfunction. My ultimate goal is for each person to be able to enjoy life to the full in every way possible”.




·       Fellow of the Royal Australian College Of General Practitioners (FRACGP)



·       Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) www.racgp.com.au

·       The Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine        (ACNEM)  www.acnem.org

·       Biobalance Health  www.biobalance.com.au

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Irina Mitkovets

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist
MHumNutr, PG cert Cancer Biology HMS, BHSc(Nat), AdvDipHMed, AdvDipNutrMed, AdvDipNat, RMT

Irina Mitkovets is a multilingual Australian naturopath, clinical nutritionist and medical herbalist who has been in private practice over 8 years.


She worked in Australia, Russia, Latvia, Sri Lanka and consulting patients in USA, Europe, Dubai & Asia. She completed her post-graduate study at Cancer Biology Research at Harvard Medical School. 


Irina is passionate about delivering an unparalleled level of care, treatment and education to people living with persistent pain and stress and to inform the patients of the results and implications of current research in the field of natural medicine.

She has a special interest in Integrative Oncology care with goals to support people who undergoing conventional therapies. Treatment and interventions may include Nutritional Medicine, personalized dietary advice, Western Herbal Medicine, as well as lifestyle and emotional support. The Herbs-nutrients-drugs interactions are thoroughly analysed. All advices about complementary modalities are based on current and evidence-based evaluations. If required, Irina works cooperatively with GP, medical oncologists and other health care practitioners.

Conditions Irina treats include chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, sleep disturbances, stress, digestive and cardiovascular health, hormonal imbalances, and weight management. Healthy eating programs for Kids, Athletes and Seniors are provided.

Irina is a member of ANTA and STAA in Australia, JPS (Japan), WOSAAM (USA).