Naomi's Japan Trip - Reflections

Naomi @Maizentherapy has returned to Won Wellness after her annual journey  studying with her teacher and Master Practitioner on the Island of  Shikoku Japan.

Here are her top reflections from her most recent time in Japan:

- Live according to the season 

Whilst in Japan I was lucky enough to eat the Autumn seasonal food such as chestnut, autumn fish, Persimmon and Apple and autumn mushrooms.  These foods are only ever available during the Autumn season and are often from the local farms!  Each year the Japanese honour and celebrate the seasonal foods!

- Live simply 

In Japan they have made an art form and meditation of simplicity with functionality.  This leaves Space.  For most, a sense of space is often lacking both physically and mentally.  Having a sense of space gives room for more....

- Show gratitude and appreciation 

In all things show gratitude and appreciation,  to people, to places, for service and for food and nature.  This builds energy within and a sense of contentment as well as respect and a sense of community.  

Naomi is available at Won Wellness Clinic for individual acupuncture sessions, book via

FB @maizentherapy.

If you are interested in ways of living and traditional practices that support the health of mind and body please come to our Living According to the Seasons Workshop with @theyogalifestyle and @maizentherapy  in January for our Summer class.

For more information and to register:

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