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We Are Won Wellness Clinic

Welcome to Won Wellness Clinic, where Integrative Doctors on the Gold Coast are dedicated to crafting a transformative journey towards holistic, vitalistic healthcare. Our mission is to empower you with a deep understanding of your well-being, providing you the opportunity to invest in your path to wellness.


Our goal is to guide you from challenges, powerlessness, and physical or mental discomfort to resolutions, rational knowledge, and relief. Through lifestyle adjustments, nutritional modifications, heightened emotional and physical awareness, and the incorporation of functional adjunctive investigations and complementary therapies as needed, your recovery will be supported with courage, clarity, and conviction.


At the core of our approach is Integrative Medicine, a model that seamlessly integrates western/orthodox medicine with evidence-based complementary/integrative therapies. Dr. Jane aptly terms this approach "Comprehensive Medicine," emphasizing its focus on individualized patient care and a holistic view of well-being.


Comprehensive medicine involves a collaborative effort between practitioner and patient, centering on the whole person. Rooted in evidence-based science and therapies, it brings together medical, allied, and natural therapeutic healthcare professionals to achieve optimal health.


The practitioner-patient relationship is one of engagement and empowerment, recognizing the interconnectedness of physical, spiritual, emotional, mental, and social well-being.


Why Choose Won Wellness?


At Won Wellness, our Integrative Health Care Practice is poised to make a meaningful impact on your well-being. By addressing your healthcare as a "whole person," we aim to inspire and empower you. Our personalized medicine approach combines conventional orthodox methods with innovative screening, functional pathology tests, and cutting-edge technologies, complemented by lifestyle and nutritional advice.


Integrative Health Care prioritizes both the treatment of health issues and the identification and addressing of underlying causes. The result is an empowered, educated clientele experiencing improved therapeutic outcomes, requiring fewer visits to the doctor, and enjoying enhanced overall health and well-being.


Here at Won Wellness, we are committed to helping you Win!

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