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Meet Joanna

Joanna Daly is a dedicated and compassionate healthcare professional, having graduated as a Registered Nurse from the Australian Catholic University in Sydney in 2014. Her journey in the healthcare field has been marked by diverse experiences and a commitment to holistic well-being.

Hailing from Sydney's Northern Beaches, Joanna commenced her nursing career at St Vincent's Health, where she dedicated three years specializing in orthopaedics at Mater Private Hospital. Subsequently, she transitioned to general practice, contributing her skills and expertise for five years before embarking on a significant move to the Gold Coast in early 2022.

Currently, Joanna is a valued member of the Won Wellness Clinic team, where she specializes in performing IV Infusions and provides essential support to Dr. Jane Chapman in various clinical capacities. Her unique perspective and deep understanding of Integrative Medicine stem from personal health challenges, inspiring her to pursue additional studies in functional medicine. Joanna is now certified as an Integrative Health Practitioner and Health Coach.

Passionate about merging her nursing background with Integrative Health, Joanna takes pride in offering comprehensive support to clients within the clinic. Her empathetic approach and commitment to individualized care make her an integral part of the wellness journey for those she serves.

Beyond her professional life, Joanna finds joy in various pursuits. Whether spending quality time with her partner, indulging in nature walks, ocean swims, expressing herself through painting, or dedicating time to her studies, exercise, pilates, and ballet, Joanna embraces a well-rounded and fulfilling lifestyle. Equally cherished are moments with family, including her nephews and niece, creating a harmonious blend of personal and professional fulfillment in Joanna's vibrant life.

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