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Meet Dr Jane

Dr. Jane Chapman, a graduate of the University of Tasmania in 1989, embarked on a diverse medical journey, initially establishing her own General Practice in Hobart with a focus on orthodox medicine. Over time, her passion for holistic healthcare led her to further her education in Integrative and Functional medicine through ACNEM (Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine).

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Annually participating in training courses on biomedical treatments for mental health disorders, behavioral issues in children, autism, women's health, dementia, and Parkinson's disorder from 2013 to the present, Dr. Chapman remains committed to advancing her knowledge. Supported by Biobalance Health, this ongoing training equips her with personalized investigative and treatment capabilities.


Her treatment approach often involves the use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes to address specific deficiencies and biochemical challenges like methylation issues, pyrrole levels, and copper/zinc imbalances. Dr. Jane consistently enhances her GP training by attending mainstream and Integrative Health Care conferences, actively contributing to teaching in the realm of biobalance medicine.


Dr. Chapman embraces providing Integrative HealthCare grounded in each patient's unique biochemistry. With a focus on the gut, adrenal and thyroid health, and hormone imbalances, she seeks to educate and empower her patients, involving them in treatment decisions. Employing a blend of complementary medicines, supplements, nutrients, bio-identical hormones, and pharmaceuticals when necessary, Dr. Chapman often recommends dietary changes tailored to individual needs, collaborating with naturopaths, nutritionists, or dieticians as required.

Her philosophy emphasizes "receding to the cause rather than proceeding to the treatment," fostering a greater potential for wellness and ease, steering away from "dis-ease." Driven by the goal to reverse degeneration, reduce toxicity, and promote bodily function over dysfunction, Dr. Chapman is dedicated to guiding patients on their journey toward vitalistic and holistic health.


  • MBBS BSci (Med) – University of Tasmania

  • Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP)

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