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Meet Rebecca 

My name is Rebecca and I am a Bachelor Degree qualified Naturopath with passion and purpose. All healers have a story to tell about their healing journey where they have discovered things that are not always found in Conventional Medicine.

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My Story

My story is not so different. Coming from a long history of Gastrointestinal issues, I

have a strong comprehensive personal and professional understanding of Gut

health. I feel confident and have had positive results in all areas and matters of

health. When we choose to heal from the inside out by getting to the root cause of

those issues we are privileged with better outcomes.

Working in the natural health industry as an educator to Naturopathic Practitioners

and Integrative Doctors keeps me up to date with the latest research and product

development in all areas of health. I have experience and success in;

 Fertility,

 Reproductive health,

 Weight loss,

 Stress/anxiety,

 Mood disorders,

 GIT,

 Inflammation/Autoimmune

 Children’s health and more.

I have two beautiful, amazing, healthy children myself and being a mother has

changed the way I practice in all areas of health. Compliance in children is a good

indicator of how well I can implement important changes with minimal interference

taken in diets and supplementation.

My passion and determination to get the best results possible is integral in all areas

of my life, including my endeavours to trial most plans, protocols, diets and

supplements myself, before recommending them to patients.

As a working professional of nutritional and naturopathic medicine, as a mother of

two amazing children, and as a woman of the 21st century, I am able to relate to you!

Completely! Together I will help you get the results you require with flexibility and understanding.

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